Using Wikipedia For SEO – Is It Doable?

We already talked about the many SEO benefits of earning a link on Wikipedia back to your website. If you are wondering whether Wikipedia SEO strategies are for you, then go back and check out our previous post on this subject. If you’ve read that and decided that you would like to give Wikipedia SEO a try, then read on for some advice how to proceed with success.
The Wikipedia Mindset
Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that users can edit. Its goal is to provide people with accurate and neutral information about a wide variety of topics. People who edit Wikipedia’s nearly 5 million articles want to give an unbiased account of the topic.

Wikipedia requires contributors to write in a neutral point of view.
In addition, Wikipedia wants to provide information on significant topics that people care about. There are notability criteria that determine what articles can be approved to appear on Wikipedia. Only topics, persons and businesses with a certain level of notoriety can appear. The evidence for this notability is the appearance of the entity in the news and other online third-party sources. There must be press citations and recognized achievement for a person or business to receive an entry.
When using Wikipedia for SEO, you need to understand the mindset of Wikipedians (the people who are involved with editing and maintaining Wikipedia) so that you can successfully accomplish your own SEO goals without violating the core principles of Wikipedia.
Wikipedia SEO
At first it may seem that the goals of Wikipedia are at complete cross-purposes to those of SEO and content marketing. SEO is promotional. You want to drive traffic to your site. So Wikipedia’s focus on neutrality may seem contrary to the promotion that you would like for your own business.
But in reality, this is not the case. As with any content, people don’t like to be sold. So just as you would produce valuable content for your own webpage and blog, you can add value to Wikipedia by providing accurate information about the topics that you are an expert in. In content marketing, you dial down a heavy sales pitch for content on your own blog, you also need to avoid the appearance of sales on Wikipedia as well.

The goal of Wikipedia SEO is to contribute valuable information from your website whenever appropriate.
Ultimately, you are looking to create links back to your web pages. Wikipedia editors will most likely edit out any direct links from article text. However, you can provide links in the references and external links section of every Wikipedia article. The community will ultimately decide whether these links add value to the article and will stay. Or if they are obvious spam, they will get deleted.
The key for Wikipedia SEO success is to insert links back to your webpage without getting deleted or tagged as spam.
Be A Wikipedia Contributor

Patience is a virtue when developing Wikipedia SEO. The payoff could be a lot of traffic, but it will take some time to achieve this goal. You can’t just jump right in, add links and create articles. You have to first start contributing to Wikipedia in order to build a credible reputation among fellow Wikipedians. Here’s how you do it:
Start by opening an account. Make sure you use a personal email address for the account. If you use a business email address, it will not appear that you are neutral party when you attempt to make changes on articles related to your business.
Start by making small changes in articles that are outside of your main field of interest. You might start with articles about hobbies that you have.
You can also start with topics that garner less traffic so you won’t have to deal with aggressive editors.
Begin by correcting typos and move up to adding citations and content to articles.
This will help you to learn how to use Wikipedia, gain a solid reputation and position you to achieve your SEO goals. While it might sound boring, being a Wikipedia contributor can actually be a lot of fun especially when you start to get the hang of it and contribute a lot of stuff related to the things you love. Have you ever wondered why so many people volunteer as a Wikipedia contributor even though you don’t actually get paid for it? Here’s the reason:

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